Monday, February 1, 2010

Little City Cafe

I've been trying to ween myself away from buying coffee and survive on tea or coffee from home.  That explains why I managed to work right next door to Little City Cafe without purchasing one cup of joe. 

Little City Cafe

One of the managers noted that they make a killer wasabi beef baguette sandwich.  That was enough to tempt me into their door. 

I decided to order a smoked salmon with pesto cream cheese on a ciabatta instead, and it was delicous.  However, it's definitely something we can all make at home.  And I guess that goes with all sandwiches.  One reasoning may be that it saves you time from making a sandwich yourself; it was not the case here.  The wait for this sandwich was ridiculous.  Apparently Little City is known for its inefficiency, but that hasn't diverted its clientele.  I would suggest calling in your order at least 10 minutes ahead, but they're prone to mess up phone orders.

Smoked Salmon with pesto cream cheese ciabatta sandwich with chips and Little City's salsa