Sunday, February 7, 2010

Portobello Mushroom and Baby Spinach

Portobello Mushroom and Baby Spinach in Vanilla Fig Balsamic Vinegar

This recipe is dedicated to my brother, a strong advocate for cooking without oil. 

3 medium sized portobello mushrooms sliced
1 bag of baby spinach
whatever kind of balsamic vinegar you have on hand
garlic powder
salt & pepper
some mushroom stock (I used the liquid excreted by the mushrooms in the steaming process)

Steam the mushrooms over a pot of boiling water until the mushrooms become tender.  Take them out and set aside.  Pour some of the mushroom liquid (1/4 cup?) from the steam pot into a pan on medium heat.  When the liquid starts to move away from the center of the pan, throw in the spinach.  As the spinach starts to wilt, season with a little bit of salt and garlic powder and add the mushrooms.  Stir and add balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper to taste. 

This dish is quick to make, healthy, delicious, and pretty.  It's also versatile.  You can stir in some cooked pasta and top it off with some grated cheese or pair it with steamed rice or with roasted chicken or baked/steamed fish or with less healthy-duck, steak, or as a hamburger topping.


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  2. This looks really fantastic! When I went through a pseudo vegetarian (long over once thanks to a bite of a hamburger) phase I discovered how amazing portobello mushrooms are. Paired with spinach and garlic...I can almost smell this throught the screen. Great photos!