Sunday, January 25, 2009


The interior of Péché brings you back to French belle époque days. The bar even alludes to bohemian tastes of the late 19th century by tempting poor, idealistic, warehouse district loitering university students with the green fairy.

Unfortunately, the blaring music fails to transport us away from the center of Austin, TX and ruins its potential to charm us.

As grad students who just finished finals last Fall, we thought that a little bit of absinthe wouldn't hurt. Well, it's really an acquired taste. Perhaps artists and writers back in the day couldn't afford better libations. Good thing we only ordered one glass of it, but I stupidly ordered the moules with absinthe broth anyways, completely abiding by my self-imposed law of ordering dishes unique to the restaurant.

Absinthe and Meloncello
The moules with absinthe was a bit unsettling. I was glad there wasn't alot of broth to start with. I was grateful that it did come with amazing fries, possibly the best in town, and good aioli. I rewarded myself with each bite of mussel with 2 fries. I suspect that the tarragon or herbes de provence broth might be safer and wiser choices.

Moules in absinthe broth and Frites with herbes de provence aioli
My best friend ordered the delectable and adorable trio of sliders, which I eyed throughout my absinthe-filled meal.
Trio of Sliders-beef with bleu cheese and onion relish, crab with aioli tartine, and pork confit with celery root slaw

Strawberry Shortcake

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