Saturday, March 14, 2009

Texas Fair and Rodeo March 2008 and 2009

I was first lured into going to the Texas Fair and Rodeo when I saw the announcement of a cowboy monkey show back in 2008. The picture of the monkey riding a sheepdog was too cute to pass up! I was totally chanting in my head, "Cowboy monkey! Cowboy monkey!" I was that excited. There was actually an opening act for the monkey, and it was a lasso-ing cowboy. When the cowboy monkey finally came out and did his tricks, it was a big let down. The sheep dog possessed all the talents necessary to carry the show by responding to the trainer's whistles, whereas the monkey just had to hold onto the reins and straddle the dog. In the end, I was still glad that I didn't miss it because when will I ever see a monkey ride a dog?

For 2009, the main attractions for me were the pig races and motorcycle stunts.

But I digress. Of course my main purpose for attending the fair both years was to prowl for major junk food!
In 2008 I snacked on curly fries with baked potato fixin's. For dinner, I had a hot beef sundae with the requisite southern drink of sweet tea and dessert of pineapple whip and fried Snickers bar. This really was suicidal, eh?

In 2009, I went healthier with a cherry limeade, turkey leg, roast corn, and fried catfish.

Everything I ate at the fair was A+, but the fried snickers bar was a bit much.

The overall experience of the Texas Fair and Rodeo is totally Charlotte's Web, except I'm there more for the food than for the pig.

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