Saturday, January 3, 2009

Work Lunches

Our boss at work is very generous and has taken us out on several lunches. Apparently, we're all food lovers.

My first work lunch outing was at Roaring Fork. I had the salmon BLT with amazing spiced fries. The sandwich should have been on sturdy buns rather than regular toasts that couldn't sustain the heavy salmon and gigantic glob of mayo. This is a restaurant that tries too hard to match its equally trying-too-hard to appear sophisticated clientele. I can't scoff and dismiss this restaurant entirely because I did enjoy the meal.

Salmon BLT with spiced fries

The 2nd lunch outing was at Gumbo's. This place is awesome. I miss Cajun food, which is more accessible in Houston than in Austin. The Cajun spiced butter that accompanied the bread was savory goodness.

For the fish dishes, you can choose from their daily catches and have them cooked in 1 of 5 styles. I ordered the red fish with crawfish and jambalaya in herb beurre blanc sauce. Tender and flavorful, I really can not complain.

The desserts were all good, but the Louisiana chocolate bread pudding was the absolute stand out.

New Orleans-styel custard

Chocolate Bread Pudding

Strawberry Cheesecake

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