Sunday, March 13, 2016

Exploring Bothell

Several weeks ago, we continued our exploration of potential neighborhoods to settle down in. As I started working, we've realized that we need to live closer to the city to alleviate our arduous commute. Several co-workers live in the Bothell area and really enjoy it. It's still north of Seattle but not as far north as we are and a bit to the east.

What's surprising about Bothell was the emphasis on the city's history. It may have been a coincidence that we happened to pick out places that were a blast from the past.

We set out for lunch on Main Street and found it cute and not crowded. It looks like the city will be doing a two-phase revitalization project on Main Street to make it more bustling. That would be fantastic as we're always looking for a parking- and pedestrian-friendly area to walk around on the weekend.

Cute mural advertising Woodland Park Zoo (not in Bothell but in north Seattle)

There were a couple restaurants to choose from, but since we haven't had Thai food since moving here, we settled on Pen Thai. The food was pretty decent but not a restaurant I would go out of my way for.

Pad See Ew with Beef

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Before leaving Main Street, we walked down to the bakery to pick up some sweets for an afternoon treat at home.

Hillcrest Bakery on Main Street 

Since it was a rare non-rainy day, we headed to the Park at Bothell Landing. This park is really cool as there's a trail that runs along the Sammamish River, and it has a few historic buildings that you can tour, including the first schoolhouse in Bothell built in 1885!

Trail along the Sammamish River

Sleeping ducks

Bridge over Sammamish River

1893 William Hannan House and 1895 School House

After a nice walk in the park, we checked out antiques at the Country Village. It's a themed outdoor shopping center filled with antique shops, boutiques, and chickens running amok!

We bought a couple packets of loose leaf tea from a boutique and had our own afternoon tea back at home to finish up our day!

Treats from Hillcrest Bakery

We enjoyed Bothell and think that the neighborhood is really livable! It's definitely on our list of options!

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