Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ballard Farmer's Market and Lunch at Macleod's

A few weeks ago, we checked out the farmer's market in Ballard for the first time. I was a little bit disappointed by the size and lack of variety, but, hey, I'm thankful that we can even go to a farmer's market in winter! Despite the rain and limited market offerings, Ballard is as charming as ever.

Fairly small market

Awesome floral flavored sodas!

Gorgeous Piopinni mushrooms

Purple broccolini

There were a lot of delicious but pricey eateries around the market. Macleod's was in our price range, and the Scottish seaside ambiance really caught our attention. 


Cute interior

The fish and chips were spot on and the fish tacos were light and citrusy. We liked that the scotch egg came with tasty accoutrements, but I happen to know that eggs past their prime tend to have a flat bottom like this one. I'll let that pass this time. ;-)

Scotch egg with pickled vegetables and cheese

Proper fish and chips

Fish tacos

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