Monday, August 15, 2011

Le Soleil

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These final posts of my last mad rush to cram all the Austin restaurants that I've always wanted to try and can afford on my meager post-grad-going-out-into-the-real-world budget before leaving town will be hurried and lacking in details because I'm already in DC and have been here for a month now and need to start updating this blog on DC eats before I give up blogging altogether from being hopelessly behind!

I heard a while back that the couple who owned Sunflower together divorced and that the husband opened up Le Soleil on N. Lamar.  Since I love Sunflower so much, I was naturally curious about how Le Soleil fares in comparison.

The menu is substantially bigger and offers banquet-style meals.  The food was very tasty, however, every dish we had was quite salty.  I prefer Sunflower.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Shaken Beef

Vietnamese-style Sweet and Sour Soup

Five Spice Chicken Lunch Special

Fried Soft-shell Crabs

Pork Chop Lunch Special

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