Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring 2011 Austin Restaurant Week Kick-off at Garrido's!


It's finally Austin Restaurant Week (April 10-13 and 17-20) again!  I've been waiting impatiently for what may be my last ARW to sample restaurants that are still on my yet-to-try-out list.  Just when I finally feel like I'm starting to know a lot about the food scene in Austin, I find myself at the cusps of leaving town.  Well, all the more to seize the day and hit my yet-to-try-out list.

Garrido's has been on that list forever, and I'm glad that I'll finally be able to check it off my list after having its ARW brunch next Sunday.  I got a little preview Thursday evening of the delicious food that I have been missing out on all this time.

Here are some notes from the tasting:

Chips and Salsa

Although I didn't take a picture of the wonderful vat of queso served that evening, I believe Garrido's queso gives Kerbey Lane a run for its money in the vegetarian white queso category.  It is thinner than Kerbey's queso, which helps coat the chips better (queso distributes evenly across the surface of the chip instead of bulking up the dipped part and breaking the chip).  The tomato chunks give the queso a burst of fresh tartness.  I look forward to ordering it for my brunch!

Beef Tostada with Truffle and Beet Aioli

Beef Tostada with Truffle and Beet Aioli

My favorite tasting dish came out right at the beginning.  Like with any dish with truffle in it, I smelled it before I saw it.  Upon being presented the beef tostadas, I was thrown off by the magenta sauce drizzled over the perfectly cooked slices of beef.  Did my nose fail me?  Shouldn't there be a truffle sauce rather than this uncharacteristic red liquid?  It turns out that the beef was dressed in an amazing truffle and beet aioli.  These tostadas were out of this world!  Unfortunately these are no where to be found on Garrido's regular menus and ARW prix fixe menus.  Please let me know if I just missed seeing it!

Oyster Tostadas on Yucca Root Chips with Honey Habanero Aioli 

Oyster Tostadas on Yucca Root Chips with Honey Habanero Aioli

I was excited to see the famous Oyster Tostadas.  I would eat more oysters if all oysters tasted like this.

Pork Tacos

Pork Tacos

Chicken Quesadillas

The pork tacos and chicken quesadillas were enjoyable but were quite overshadowed by the beef and oyster tostadas. 

Almond Bread Pudding

I finished out my first Garrido's experience with a warm, comforting bite of nutty, chocolately, pillowy bread pudding.

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