Monday, March 14, 2011

Enchanted Rock and a Texas Saloon in the Middle of Nowhere

Sadly, I have never really used my Spring Break to do fun things.  I can't remember actually having fun on any of my Spring Breaks in grad school, no thanks to the profs, who tend to pile on assignments the week before. 

Since I'm hoping that this is my last Spring Break ever (no more school...until I'm ready for academic torture again...), I decided to finally treat myself to some fun with friends. 

I admit that I'm a Type A kind of person, who needs to plan out everything before taking action.  I even plan for spontaneous things that may present itself in my itineraries.  I had a packed itinerary and thus told my friends to meet at 7 AM sharp on the same day as Daylight Saving Time when we all lost one hour of sleep.  That's how I roll, folks!

Good thing we departed Austin early because by the time we arrived at Enchanted Rock, there were already a lot of visitors, and by the time we left the park, lines of cars spilled out onto the ranch road trying to enter. 

Enchanted Rock

After 3 hours of climbing the rock, we headed out to Willow City for some burgers at the eccentric Knot in the Loop Saloon.  It's a saloon that serves fantastic burgers and doubles as a "Wild West-o-rama Museum."  I love the kookiness.

Knot in the Loop Saloon

Dollar Bills on the Ceiling's a mini-museum inside...

Darn Good Cheeseburger!

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  1. Thank You for all the nice things you said. We enjoyed having ya'll here. Now you are all offically "Knotheads" Robin and Wayne, Knot In The Loop Saloon