Monday, March 14, 2011

2009 Fredericksburg Day Trip: Lunch at the Auslander


I had a feeling that German food in Fredericksburg is meant for tourists, but at the same time, it just doesn't feel right to go to Fredericksburg for tacos.  We settled on dining at the Auslander because the name aptly describes us Austinites.

The food isn't grand, but I think the point of the German restaurants in Fredericksburg is to fill up your bellies, give you a break from your normal work day, and give you a generic taste of another cuisine.  They don't take themselves too seriously and neither should the diner.  With that mentality, Auslander provided a comfortable setting and a satisfying meal at the end of an awesome Texas Hill Country day trip.

Kassler Rippchen - smoked pork chop with green beans and spaetzle

Wienerschnitzel with Apple Sauce, Green Beans, and Potato Salad


Beer Battered Mushrooms with Ranch Dressing

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