Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chinati Foundation Tour with a Lunch Break at Food Shark

Our main purpose for going to Marfa was to check out Donald Judd's art compound at the Chinati Foundation.  You have to enter the compound with either a half day or morning and afternoon tour.  We did the whole sha-bang and had a blast!  Here's a good NPR link about Judd and his works in Marfa.

Chinati Foundation

Donald Judd, Untitled (Progression), 1976?

Cool Donald Judd Revolving Doors
One of one hundred Judd stainless steel boxes in the artillery of the Chinati compound

Once we reached the halfway point, the guide gave us a 2 hour break for lunch.  Of course everyone on the tour hustled over the other much talked about food joint, Food Shark, of NYTimes fame.

Food Shark

Unlike my experience at Cochineal, I thoroughly enjoyed eating at this popular establishment.  I liked the easy-going vibe, the thoroughly scrumptious pork tacos, the refreshing salad, and the hummus and flat bread.  I'm not a huge fan of falafels to start with, so I suppose the falafels are decent.

Orange Pellegrino and Peanut Butter Cookie; Marfalafel-flour tortilla filled with falafel balls, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, tahini, yogurt and harissa sauces
Pork Tacos with Greek Salad

Combo Plate-2 falafel balls with yogurt, tahini and harissa sauces, Greek salad, hummus and flatbread

Right behind the trailer and next to the railroad tracks, there's a fun "What you see is not what it is" sign.

"What you see is not what it is."

Fickle Foodie and I were scared that we weren't going to see the Dan Flavin light installations because the guide hadn't mentioned it throughout the first half of the tour, but things turned out for the better.  Almost all of the second half of the tour was spent going in and out of the 6 buildings with various pairings of colored lights.  Woohoo!
Flavin Fans

After the tour ended, we were free to explore the concrete Judd sculptures out in the fields.  We tried out some fun action poses.


  1. So jellus! Food Shark was closed when we were there, and now I'm even more mad that we missed out!

    And that is too cool that you did the entire day at Chinati. It's the only place where I've really enjoyed Dan Flavin's work!

  2. Great photos! I'm an art historian developing a lecture on installation art, and I'd love to use the photo of you peering into one of the 100 Untitled Works in Mill Aluminum as part of the PowerPoint. Let me know if that's okay, and how I should go about citing you. Thanks!

  3. Hi "Book with No Pictures!"

    My friend, "Fickle Foodie" actually took that photo of me. You may contact her via her blog:

    I took the photo on the left.