Friday, May 28, 2010

Breakfasting in Marfa

While in Marfa, we stayed at El Cosmico, where you can stay in trailers, yurts, safari tents, the one teepee on the grounds, or even pitch your own tent.  This road trip was all about doing things I've never done before (i.e. canoeing 21 miles and camping), and staying in a trailer and a teepee fits the bill.  We spent one night in the Imperial Mansion trailer and one night in the teepee.  Both were surprisingly comfortable!

The Imperial Mansion Trailer and Teepee

Breakfast is not included at El Cosmico, and you pretty much only have one restuarant breakfast option--Cochineal.  I was not about to spend $20 for breakfast in Marfa.  I really wanted to eat at Austin Street Cafe, but alas, they're only open on Sundays.  After a morning of searching for breakfast alternatives, we decided on just making coffee in the trailer and eating whatever we brought with us on the trip.

Breakfast at the Trailer

The following morning, we got coffee at Frama/Tumbleweed Laundry and croissants at Squeeze Marfa and brought the goodies back to the teepee.

Frama/ Tumbleweed Laundry

Scrabble Menu at Frama

The croissants at Squeeze are light, flakey, buttery without being greasy. 

Breakfast at the Teepee

Continental Breakfast: Croissant with Butter and Hero Jam, Orange Slices, and Swiss Cheese

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