Thursday, July 3, 2008

Alaska Day 1

I'm drained from our south to north journey (Austin to Memphis; Memphis to Minneapolis, Minneapolis to Fairbanks) and from waking up at 2:30AM! Yikes!
After arrival, we were given a brief 15 minute bus tour on our way from the airport to Westmark hotel in the downtown area. "Downtown" was more like "deadtown." The only Alaskan we encountered on the streets was a lady from Texas. (Meeting Texans became a trend on this trip; many come here for work in the spring and summer months and abandon the state during the cold months.)

Hunger was taking over us since we were deprived of decent meals so we hunted around for a decent restaurant. We finally happened upon Bahn Thai (541 3rd Ave), which turned out to be an awesome choice! If you don't salivate at the following photos, then you don't know food! Who knew Thai food could be so good in Alaska?

Halibut Eggroll

Shrimp Pad Thai

Silver Noodle Soup

After dinner and a shower, we crawled into bed and basked in the midnight sun.


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  1. That would drive me crazy for there to be sunlight outside at midnight...