Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

It feels amazing ending the holidays with passing the PMP exam! I feel refreshed in my career hunt and empowered to not settle for just any job that comes along! Yay 2016!

Because the weeks leading up to Christmas had been rainy, we finally went to see Christmas lights this week. We checked out "Candy Cane Lane," which comprises of a street of houses in the Ravenna neighborhood just north of the University of Washington. The neighborhood has come together for this annual Christmas spectacle since 1949.

I was a little bit underwhelmed, probably because I kept comparing their decorations to a couple of over-the-top houses that we drove past somewhere in Bothell. Not willing to end our holiday season with the lights at Candy Cane Lane, I looked up one house in Bothell that went all out on lights. Apparently people here take Christmas lights very seriously.

The Keener's Christmas Lights Display is awesome. As we drove through a dark and quiet neighborhood, we grew increasingly doubtful that we were in the right place. Just as I was about to suggest turning back, we came upon this giant mass of lights:

Keener's Christmas Lights in Bothell

There are many great things about the Keener's display, such as the U-shaped driveway that perfectly facilitates traffic and allows for different views of the lawn. But more importantly, the drive behind this annual technical feat is very commendable. They accept donations for the Ben Towne Foundation for childhood cancer research and for Hopelink, and the Keener's match the donations to the Ben Towne Foundation!

We had a big smile at the end of the night and felt grateful for all the things that happened in 2015.

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