Saturday, June 12, 2010

Breakfast at Galaxy Cafe

Galaxy Cafe at Brodie

My brother's visit to Austin gave me an excuse to use up some of my Groupon and Living Social purchases.  One of them was to Galaxy Cafe.  The main draw for me is their French toast, which had been featured in various local food magazines.  I finally got to try it!

The food was delicious and filling but like Zoot the night before, the food lacked "wow" factor.  Even the French toast did not meet my expectations in appearance.  The photos of the French toast in magazine articles look amazing.  In person, it looked and tasted good, but it wasn't as spectacular as described by other people.  It is comforting that the breakfast tasted healthier than other breakfast options out there.  I really appreciated that Galaxy Cafe prepared the dishes without excessive grease.  I left feeling full but not disgusted like I often would at most breakfast joints. 

Iced Coffee; French Press Coffee

Deluxe French Toast with Strawberries and Bananas

The Big Breakfast-eggs, skillet potatoes, ciabatta, and bacon

The Uptown Wrap with Spinach Tortilla-eggs, Canadian bacon, Gouda, mushrooms, and avocado

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  1. In case you get a chance to go back to Galaxy, I'd say their lunch/dinner offerings are MUCH better than their breakfast/brunch ones.